Why The Dakota Access Pipeline Will Prove to be Trump’s Achilles's Heel --I had a Prophetic Dream

By, Sandra Monday

Let me make one thing abundantly clear about myself; politically I am a duck billed platypus. I am Christian, Native American, and interestingly conservative on some issues and liberal on others. When I had to vote for president I could not vote for the lesser of two evils; I voted my conscious which was Jill Stein. I always thought I was progressive but when the left got so caught up in PC and virtue signaling other people’s thoughts and language, I retreated to my conservative side. Then as identity politics completely ensnared and twisted liberalism, I buried my nose in my Bible and clung to mothering my children.
First let me talk about my personal experience with the Obama years. I had been in on the downtown art scene when I was younger in my punk band The June Cleavers. I delved into the loose moral relativism, which is drugs, selfishness, hedonism, alcoholism, rock in roll, creepy identity politics replete with narcissistic artists and their morbid need for attention and relevance. That world destroyed my life, family, and marriage and almost took me with it. After that I began to see things differently, I would still use my talents but only for a higher purpose and with humbleness and humility. I began to see how tiny we all are and how this need to build an “identity” around race, nationalism, gender, or whatever, was just systematic narcissism on a massive political scale.

Now Trump may be a duck billed platypus himself, he may be a narcissist, who knows? He was right to ally with Russia to fight Isis, he was right to shoot down the TPP as a bad deal, he is right about bringing jobs back and getting companies to relocate jobs back to America. He was right to get a Japanese company to invest $50 billion in our infrastructure, creating even more jobs. However, he is getting one thing deadly wrong; The Dakota Access Pipeline.

This is not just about the victim or oppression status of Native Americans, or any other perceived PC virtue signaling. This is about WATER. It’s not just Natives who are affected either, there are many farmers and ranchers who oppose the pipeline because they fear there won’t be clean water for crops and animals. This is a HEALTH and PUBLIC SAFETY issue and this subject is where Trump may lose his moral high ground with working class America.

Countless veterans are siding with both the Farmers and Natives on this issue, couple that with a bill just passed stating that individuals who have served in the military, do not need a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Can you say civil war ten times fast?

Trump also passed a bill that construction workers and security forces won’t be prosecuted if they “accidentally” kill protesters. A couple of night's ago I literally woke up from a prophetic nightmare. I have had visions that have come true before, so I don't know why this one wouldn't it seems a reasonable prophesy based on current events and historical evidence.

So here is what happened in my prophetic dream: Natives and veterans literally go to WAR with corporatized police forces. Trump calls in the National Guard to assist, but many of the Guard soldiers end up siding with the veterans and Natives as many in the military have been screwed, underpaid, denied adequate medical care and have PTSD. National Guard soldiers cannot bear to shoot fellow military veterans and many simply refuse to participate in the carnage. This causes a righteous re-invigoration on the left as we haven't seen since the 1960’s. People who are conservative find themselves siding with farmers and Natives as they watch them being brutally abused by corporate fascist forces.
America slides into complete and total civil strife while California passes a referendum to leave the United States and become their own country. The State governments of the area become overwhelmed with protesters. Pipeline equipment is set afire and blown up.

Now that was my prophetic dream but that is not what has to happen. If Trump gets good advice and takes it, this disaster can be averted. However, if he chooses to recreate Wounded Knee and the Ghost Dance LIVE ON THE INTERNET, just to sell oil off to China, that won’t even benefit ordinary Americans, he will lose any political capital he has gained by the good things he has done.
His approval ratings will take a nosedive and the country could descend into chaos. That is why the Dakota Access Pipeline is Trump’s Achilles's heel, it’s a crack in the damn he can’t even see or refuses too.

Trump needs to realize that like the TPP, this pipeline is a bad deal. As I said before this oil is not going to America it is being piped to Canada to be sold to China, it is only creating temporary jobs, and it could destroy the water supply for a great deal of our crops. These are not unattractive feminists and SJW’s on college campuses he is battling, this is the very recipe for creating martyrs and galvanizing the left, not around identity politics or bathroom bills, or anything silly like that, but around people being killed and water poisoned. Native Americans are the very people who signify and personify American history and tradition. Veterans who served their country, will go to bat for them, and they are carrying weapons with PTSD. They will be trying to prevent AMERICAN CITIZENS from having their water contaminated or being slaughtered. The vets will believe they are upholding the constitution while the National Guard will be unwilling to go against Posse Comitatus Act to kill vets.

This final attempt at the genocide of America's Native peoples will be all over YouTube, all over Twitter,Reedit, splashed across Democracy now and Truth Dig and even Russia Today. It will finish the imperial Trump presidency and deeply divide America as it never has been before. But hopefully Trump will come to his senses and realize this, before it’s too late. Amen. I would rather his presidency be a success than a failure, but for that to happen, he needs to realize his own weakness could be his own Hubris. What I’ve always learned; pride cometh before the fall.


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