If you are judging others while you are being a hypocrite, or judging others whom may have just had bad luck (such as say, a homeless person), without trying to help, then you need to evolve and realize that God is unconditional love. He does not represent hatred, negativity, anger, fear, or petty jealousy. Those lesser human traits are the real evil. Only the embryonic soul would fail to realize and understand this.

I have known, and still do know some great people who completely understand those concepts and are always open minded.. They even have pity for the truly hypocritical, those pathetic people who pretend to be religious only to suit their own needs, and when it is advantageous to them.

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Comment by Erika Suzannah Avery on December 7, 2012 at 7:31am

I am always so thankful for what I have, I was able to purchase a 5 bedroom home in 2001 for a small amount. It was a fixer upper, I did all the work myself. There were several times I moved those less fortunate than myself in and let them stay until they were able to find a job and be able to afford their own place. If everyone would help just a little, instead of being selfish and judgmental, this world would be a much better place!

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