We despise our job, the ours workt, in the week ...

We despise the money that we make and the things that we buy.

We despise our house, our wife ... or our husband ...

We despise our neighbor and the neighborhood where we live

We despise the country where we were born and the country where we are today

We despise the car that transports us, the book we have not read

We despise people ... for being elderly, or of another race

We despise, foreigners, homeless, and children who cry

We despise poor people and why not? Also the rich people too

We despise the gods of others and also to our God

We despise the rain or hot weather.

We despise, when it is night and also when it is day


And all, because of the obvious lack of creativity in our lives.!!


We are getting pulled by a consumer machinery which has resulted in this mess finally I have to call it:


… in which, we live all today (subsisting)

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