Saturday, May 24 at City Hall begins a PEACEFUL march against this evil corporation. Aggression or violence will not be tolerated, no matter how much we hate this corporation. Better results are achieved through positive and peaceful action. There is no room for ego, this is not about any one person, this is about UNITY, standing together and fighting as ONE. We all complain about the sad situation of this world, but without effort and action, change does not happen! We are each just one person, but if we all stand together and fight, maybe we can accomplish something great! I don't take up many causes, but this one is important, and we are not just fighting for our city, state or country. This affects each and every one of us, the entire human race. That is what we are fighting for! There are other biochemical companies as well, but Monsanto is the most powerful. If we can bring them down, perhaps the others will fall as well. It is worth the effort! Please, ALL of you, try to attend! For more info, just Google March Against Monsanto. I hope EVERYONE can be there, we need you!

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