Well, the Fringe Festival is over. And it was a blast. I can't wait to be even more involved next year. This year I put two pieces in the Visual Fringe and volunteered some. I thing it's the most I've ever done with and for the Fringe. If you didn't make it out you missed a lot of very good and intertaining performances. And of course some wonderful visual art. One of my favorite shows was "The Puppet Slam". It was very funny. I got to see it twice. And I have to say that the malfunctions of the theatre they were in might of made things difficult, but it added a certain chaotic element to the shows that was funny in and of itself. And props to the performers in that Theatre. I mean, they kept up with it all and didn't miss a beat. Now that's improv. Another of my favorite shows was "Untold Stories". This was a dance performance by Emotions Dance Company with a monologue by Tisse Mallon. The visual imagery of the lighting with the movements of the dancers combined with the stories that Tisse read in between and during the performances to create a very moving and emotional experience. There were plenty of other shows and happenings that were great too, but I have to get back to work.

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