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Living Truthfully In Imaginary Circumstances

At the time of this writing, I was 48 years old. I had then been keeping a journal continuously since I was 18 years old. Thats 30 years of self-documenting. By now I figure if I dont have some aspect of myself down, I have wasted a lot of time and resourses. I have not. And while at times I have traded my writing for discoveries made in life: while shooting, while drinking a beer or smoking a joint, or sitting staring. I am constantly though ever presently escaping the shawdow…


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My Growth away from Portraits

Portraitist are born not made. I can not account for what makes a person want to become a photographer in today's world yet I suspect for those of us who came of age after WWII and began shooting prior to the advent of the personal computer, televisons and the silver screen informs some of our desire. In using models and interpreting people in…


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Why Do I Perfer Ponds To Lakes

Why do think I perfer a pond to a lake? Is it the sound the word Pond makes as I utter it? Perhaps it is the onomatopoeia of the word itself. To say the word "POND" I see shallow waters and cattails. I see weeping willows or butterflies; I see ripples crashing against lilly pads. The sound of the word creates images that look as peacful as the air feels exhaling my lungs. My chest goes concave and I relax at the thought of being before a pond. Ahhh. Then again, perhaps it…


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The Artificial World of Intelligence

Why anyone would want to leave

I'm often fascianted when big idea issues make profound and direct impacts in my personal life. Like when Ronald Regan was elected president. It was the first time I voted and my candidate lost. Yet the first time I voted, I was amased at how finally I had had first hand experience with a voting booth. WOW so this was what Martin Luther, King Jr. and all those speeches I had read and listen too over and over was about.

Now I am 50 years old> I'm…


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It is becoming all too familiar being without a job being left to roam the city streets but having the eyes of a photographer and the heart of an art lover. Oh, and did I state being a 6'2" African American. Today I tried to visit what I thought was the ART DEPARTMENT at City Hall. Perhaps I was just being to direct when I answered, the security guard when she asked, "where are you going"?. I was busy pinning the orange VISITORS paper sign to my chest. Least anyone suspect me of being a… Continue

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