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March Against Monsanto

Saturday, May 24 at City Hall begins a PEACEFUL march against this evil corporation. Aggression or violence will not be tolerated, no matter how much we hate this corporation. Better results are achieved through positive and peaceful action. There is no room for ego, this is not about any one person, this is about UNITY, standing together and fighting as ONE. We all complain about the sad situation of this world, but without effort and action, change does not happen! We are each just one…


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True Evil

If you are judging others while you are being a hypocrite, or judging others whom may have just had bad luck (such as say, a homeless person), without trying to help, then you need to evolve and realize that God is unconditional love. He does not represent hatred, negativity, anger, fear, or petty jealousy. Those lesser human traits are the real evil. Only the embryonic soul would fail to realize and understand this.

I have known, and still do know some great people who completely…


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press release

My press release has been sent to more than 500,000 newspapers and magazines. That was alot of work, but it will be worth it! That in itself is another tip for other writers. Your publishing company will, of course, do marketing for you, but as an author you should be willing to work even harder. This is how Stephen King became so successful, he worked hard for it! This is why I have such respect for him, willing to work hard in a positive manner to achieve results, as opposed to spending…


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Brainwashed or aware?

We watched the debate last night, and Romney again has proven himself to be a hypocrite and liar. I urge everyone to watch Democracy Now...they report the entire truth, because they are publicly funded and do not need to be censored by their advertiser's $$$$.

Last night, Romney attacked O concerning the recent issue in Libya, stating that O did not claim terrorist attack until 14 days later, but if you watch his speech the very next day at the Rose Garden, he clearly states that it WAS a… Continue

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  The End of the year 2013 is quickly approaching, and new evidence has been found which proves the original prediction for the end of the Mayan Calendar was misinterpreted by one year. When devastating natural disasters begin to occur worldwide and strange lights are seen in the sky, it would seem the end really HAS begun. Or is it the opportunity for a new beginning?

  Certain individuals, the "Chosen Ones," begin to have paranormal experiences they don't understand, but will help…


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A letter from the editor at my publishing company!

Manuscript Review Team mrs@outskirtspress

to me, tinar

Dear Erika,

Thank you for submitting your work to Outskirts Press for evaluation. We are honored you have selected Outskirts Press. I am pleased to report that your manuscript has been accepted for publication through Outskirts Press. I want to be the first to congratulate you.

Before I begin to explain some of the options and available services here at Outskirts…


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New Series

My new series in its entirety is now available at the Orlando Museum of art and I have been asked to provide them with more. I find that when I am positive and avoid engaging in negative behavior or thoughts good things naturally come to me. Karma can be a difficult lesson, your best friend or your worst enemy;-)

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There is nothing worse than someone bad-mouthing someone else due to insecurity, jealousy, etc. What pathetic creatures! Perhaps if these individuals would concentrate on bettering THEIR lives instead, they would be more successful. Makes sense, right? Some are not capable of logical thought it would seem!

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