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Holy Pas De Duex : My New Series

As you may have noticed, I have begun a new series of paintings dedicated to divine pairs of male and female dancers. The reasoning for this, I found that through love all things are possible, and to me since God is Love, I believe His love brought all being into existence, that life itself is a romantic divine dance. The reason for the pas de deux? Well for me the male female counterparts represent procreation bringing life into being.  It is based on my own personal experience of…


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Tid Bits of Ranting Part 6

Tidbits of Ranting

(Instalment 6)


On the Latest from Our Totalitarian Trouble-Makers:

The Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency have just removed municipal (local government bonds) from their list of High Quality Liquid Assets (HQLA).

This means banks are sure to start off loading these financial instruments from their portfolios to stock up on the Federal and…


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Tid Bits of Ranting Part 5

Tidbits of Ranting

(Instalment 5)


On Two Idiotic ‘isms

Religious fundamentalism and the philosophy of Materialism share a very important feature in common, both posses an un-testable core hypothesis. Fundamentalism says: “God is the only truth” and Materialism says: “Measurement is the only truth. Since faith is a prerequisite for religious thought, and faith is in itself…


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Tid Bits of Ranting Part 4

Tidbits of Ranting

(Instalment 4)

Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Collapse of Empire

What is occurring in Ferguson is part and parcel of life in a police state/dictatorship. Everyone better get used to it because that’s what we have here in The U.S.A.

There is no point in becoming enraged by the abuses of the gangsters in charge anymore. Like getting mad at the weather it only…


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The Midnight Cuckoo now available

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Tid Bits of Ranting Intsallment 3

Tidbits of Ranting

(Instalment 3)


On Kanye West:

Talentless, wife-beating, half-wit

On what Constitutes a Free Society:

In a free society individuals who expose the criminal conduct of people in power are considered heroes. This is because whistle blowers provide the People (that political entity which by design supposedly rules) with the facts it needs to take action…


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Tid Bits of Ranting Installment 2

Tidbits of Ranting

(Instalment 2)

On the Scale of U.S. Supported Armed Conflict around the World:

Peace and justice don't pay the 9 figure salaries of the hegemons at Exxon and Lockheed-Martin. Perpetual war for perpetual theft.

On the Current Supreme Court of the United States of America:

The Robert’s Court doesn’t just ignore the Constitution but is openly hostile to it, selecting cases which afford it the richest opportunities to dismantle the basic protections…


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Tid Bits of Ranting...More to come

Tidbits of Ranting

(Instalment 1)


Why are the Nation’s Police Forces being “Militarized”?

There are two main reasons for the militarization of the nation’s police forces:

The Military Industrial Complex needs as many customers as possible.

Secondly, and most importantly, the ruling elite know full well that the unprecedented scale of their criminal conduct won’t go unchallenged forever.  So…


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