I would love to share my experiances, positive and negative, being a native floridian artist for 30 + years here in osceola - orange county, New York, and Miami.


What is it about artists and inflated prices? I have been in the mix in all aspects of art, internationaly, domesticaly, retail, wholesale, private commisions, I.E. everything.

I walk around and see in dressed windows 500, 750, 1500, 5000, price tags on work that in reality should be givin away for free just for the artists privalage and honor that someone on this planet is intrigued with the piece...

What happened to art for arts sake or even the shear joy of having a person or couple give honest respect and admiration to the artists for the talent, maybe asking for a five or ten bucks just to cover material costs.

Am I being a dumbass, I know we all have overhead and need to make our ends meet but come on with this over the top extortion of the idea that the more you sell it for the more it's worth nonsence.


Just sayin,


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Having just read a book by Chris Anderson called "Free", I do understand the question you're asking. I think there would be one way to get to free, but for me that involves digital.

Bits and bytes are so cheap to reproduce and store, they are "practically free". On the other hand, atoms - physical goods - are worth a little something.

Then we are talking about Art. One-of-a-kind. Hand-made. Personal. Delivers a message. Maybe it was even commissioned. I think there is value there. I am on your side, that I don't really agree with some artists' pricing, but if they price things too high they are shooting themselves in the foot.

This is one reason why I like theatre. You can never get the exact same experience as physically sitting in the theatre and watching people perform it live. Period. It's easy to put a price tag on that.

So, why not charge people to watch you work? Turn your art into a performance, and then auction off the piece at a humble price?

I agree with your point of view 100% There are some people in the world who think that the more they sell it for, the better it must be. Some athletes are the same way, but that's another topic.


Honestly, I believe that the world has lost it's humility and humbleness. Just saying.


Wonderful point.



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