I would love to share my experiances, positive and negative, being a native floridian artist for 30 + years here in osceola - orange county, New York, and Miami.


What is it about artists and inflated prices? I have been in the mix in all aspects of art, internationaly, domesticaly, retail, wholesale, private commisions, I.E. everything.

I walk around and see in dressed windows 500, 750, 1500, 5000, price tags on work that in reality should be givin away for free just for the artists privalage and honor that someone on this planet is intrigued with the piece...

What happened to art for arts sake or even the shear joy of having a person or couple give honest respect and admiration to the artists for the talent, maybe asking for a five or ten bucks just to cover material costs.

Am I being a dumbass, I know we all have overhead and need to make our ends meet but come on with this over the top extortion of the idea that the more you sell it for the more it's worth nonsence.


just sayin,


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I realize this is an old post, so maybe I'm wasting my time commenting here.

I agree that I have seen work that is clearly overpriced, however I must disagree with your comment in general.

I am a full time, professional artist.  This is how I earn a living and have done so for over 30 years.  My work sells in galleries in several states.  Before I sold in galleries I did outdoor art fairs and festivals.  In each case there is considerable overhead way above and beyond the material cost to make the art.  GIven your back ground I'm sure you realize that fine art galleries  generally take 50% commission.  Fine art fairs cost hundreds of dollars for tent space, plus travel, often there is a non-refundable jury fee.   

Established galleries in many parts of the country establish ground rules and artists are often signed to a contract.  This contract generally stipulates terms, such as pricing, exclusivity, etc. .   When I sell a painting for $1,000.00 in one of my galleries I am left with $500.00.  Then my materials come out of that.  Better galleries will demand the work be professionally framed.  I am lucky if I clear $400.00 out of the painting.  This of course is still not the end.  There are other costs to be considered.  Studio expenses such as utilities.  Advertising if any.  Insurance, accounting and taxes.

You see it's not as it may seem if you are making a living at it and besides my mechanic and plumber are not afraid to charge.  Why shouldn't an artist be fairly compensated for their talent and training?

Just saying.



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