Imagine being a man and having a woman. Now imagine that woman gives birth to your children and nurses your DNA. Imagine she rubs your feet and cooks your meals. You don't have alot of money so she buys her clothes at the thrift store so she can afford new ones for you and the kids. Imagine she mows your lawn even and takes out the garbage. She goes without things like expensive makeup and vacations so you can have better food and gas in your car. Now imagine if you will the cost of a maid, nanny, gardener, personal assistant and advisor. Imagine this woman who loves you whether you gain weight or call her names or threaten to hit her. Picture her as creative aesthetic and kind, she makes your doctor and dental appointments . She herself goes without Doctor and dental visits because she neglects her own health for her husband and children. Even with a college education with honors she doesn't mind working at restuarants nights and weekends to help the family budget on top of all her other duties.

Housewives are not parasites, they are the unsung heroes who do not get an official paycheck for all thier hard work and sacrifice. They have to learn how to budget for a family, plan meals, listen to problems about work. They are expected to be ladies at dinners and courtesans in the bedroom. They sometimes are even expected to be gourmet chefs in the kitchen and master gardeners outside. They have to plan for large parties and family events and deal with mother in laws.

It is the woman who is used up, a Cinderella who with the wrong man will never get her evening at the ball. A housewife often unless her husband is rediculously rich, scarifices many of her own dreams and wants and puts the dreams of her children and husband first.

Of course women who never have children will never understand what sacrifice means. To them life is a series of conquests and acquisitions. For some it is a slow grinding call to abject materialism that ultimately leads to a slow pathetic and lonely death.

To choose even a moment the sun is turn your back on your family. It is a painful but neccessary thing and those that have not evolved will never get it.  A good woman will rise above and realize there is strength in her own fertility. Because ultimately, the hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world.


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