Why do think I perfer a pond to a lake? Is it the sound the word Pond makes as I utter it? Perhaps it is the onomatopoeia of the word itself. To say the word "POND" I see shallow waters and cattails. I see weeping willows or butterflies; I see ripples crashing against lilly pads. The sound of the word creates images that look as peacful as the air feels exhaling my lungs. My chest goes concave and I relax at the thought of being before a pond. Ahhh. Then again, perhaps it was Henry David Thoreau who set it off in my mind that his "Waldon Pond" ( the actual place not the book of essays) represented all pond and that ponds in and of themselves were get-a-aways tucked away deep from all the hustle and bustle of the driven day. That they were always quietly nestled without a care in the world. Somewhere to excape some where to reflect.

Some people may mistake a lake for a pond. but not I. Ponds are not lakes and although the word "lake" is not harsh on the brain and just as easy to pronounce, ponds are softer on the tongue. It starts off with a push but goes soft in the middle and ends in a "duh". P.<on>.duh. A pond is indeed like a lake; they are both bodies of water. But they conjure up different activitites. I dont think "...I' want to go fishing..." in a pond. Thats perfectly alright with a lake. A lake sounds fishy whereas a pond may have fish in it but its often shallow in depth and the water is often clear. To imagine seeing fish in a pond looks more picturesque than the rod and reel and a tackle box full of wormy bates associate with a lake. Huck Finn might perfer skinny dippin in a lake but good ole Tom Sawyer definiately swims in ponds. He takes a girl to a pond and waxes poetic from his scrawled notes. I took pictures in my mind and developed a pond.

Whatever the influence ponds may have on me it has carried over to how I see Orlando. I love the many jewels of lakes the city posesses. It was this past Monday morning that while I awoke and prepared myself for work, I thought of this place: Orlando and its many lakes. How everywhere I look I see water standing reflecting the skies. Like mexicans on corners outside the cantinas. Like bars in black neighborhoods where we usually speed up. Always there near and far in the distance and up close. Orlando's lakes remind me of how far I have to go before I reach the horizon. I reflected that morning and thought.. "but I like ponds". Are some of the lakes in Orlando not like ponds? Like lillies in a field where I cant go because my romance has melted like snow? I wondered, What if I were upon some old marns yard where in the distant I spotted one. A pond, would I just stand there and admire her or jump the fence without a care? To suffer breaking laws and emerge myself in romantic pause.

The bus pulled to a hault. I jumped on and as we passed Park Lake and rounded the corner on Orange. I thought of Eola and vanished all concerns. Like patches of evergreen in some snow capped resort where folks like me seldom vacation, I thought, the next time I see a pond, I'm gonna ask myself if it matters that I like it more than I like lakes. Where I live in Orlando offers many contemplations. I prefer ponds but I live among lakes. How great it is to have these thoughts all because in my mind I'm seeing ponds.

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