As I sit in bucolic retrograde

Like the Rolling Stones

“I watch the children play as tears go by”

In beauty and truth

Contemplating a world ruled by lies

Perpetrated by the elite

Prison industrial complex

Making us all willing slaves in their dystopic Hunger Games

My sweet headed baby boy eyes a colorful plastic toy Made in China

Later I watch RT news from Russia with love my Siberian sisters over the Bearing Strait

Propaganda from the other side,

Imagining the future our children will inherit

Where smart phones will be fused to mindless cyborg neural networks

While the soul is reduced to the bioelectrical glamour of Lunar witches

Enter the control centered ethic of Free Masons and Neo Nazis with their sick incestuous love of power and materialism.

Where wealth=virtue and poverty is a crime, a social disgrace, a complete moral failing,  an earth with decreasing amounts of empathy, falling fertility rates, and collapsing ecology, a rise in selfishness, hedonism, with atomized individuals pursuing their empty enjoyment of life.

The noble pursuit of the understanding of finite existence within infinity, and connecting to the Source of All, forgotten.

Have we as human beings lost our way, our will to live, procreate, to dream, to even feel?

Will my children be the last to grow up in a stable civilization, before the jack booted police state kicks into overdrive and pins everyone to a collective brick wall at the behemoth of their corporate masters?

Perhaps I should put these questions off and exist in the moment

Seated by a serene lake

Under a pleasant camphor tree dappled in cool shade

Surrounded by my two stunning children and a sleek black cat named Shivva-Destroyer of Worlds

And not worry about tomorrow

It will be here 






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