It is becoming all too familiar being without a job being left to roam the city streets but having the eyes of a photographer and the heart of an art lover. Oh, and did I state being a 6'2" African American. Today I tried to visit what I thought was the ART DEPARTMENT at City Hall. Perhaps I was just being to direct when I answered, the security guard when she asked, "where are you going"?. I was busy pinning the orange VISITORS paper sign to my chest. Least anyone suspect me of being a homeless terrorist...trying to use the rest room.

The ART DEPARTMENT, I replied. She looked and did that belittling finger waiver folks do when they think you dont know where you are going. Then she said, "the gallery is over there". Helpful snit. I did not want a gallery.

No the ART DEPARTMENT...THATS OK, I will consult THE DIRECTORY. Ok a side bar

I know non blacks will immediately shun my words and dismiss them as a disgruntled black guy with another "ball and chain/the world owes me something gripe. Well that is not fair but who cares? Everybody who attains the age of 50 ought to be entitled to gripe sometimes. This world ain't all rosey and that's for sure. Still an art lover, no matter whats his stripes ought to be able to stop stare turn do a double take and admire architecture or take a photo without some security guard ( oh he/she is just doing his/her job) interrupting hm. ok but back to my tale.

So I boardeed the elevator and punched 3. The sign read "3". I get off on three.. Its the floor where the MAYOR'S OFFICE is. Needless to say, now I'm captivated by this lovely art on display. Turns out I've stumbled upon one of the Gallery's. And this one ain't a bad exhibition. But one must have to have a suit on or not be a big black guy at 10.00 in the morning and staring at art without getting stared at himself. "May I help you , sir....You already know the rest of the story as the late great radio commentator, Paul Harvey would say. Needless, was back on the elevator. This time to the 9th floor.

There I found guest it Gallery. This one was behind a closed door I pushed open. It is called the TERRACE GALLERY. Well guest what. A tall Black Guy who already has aroused enough commotion in a government building to raise the national guard, does not need to be pushing his way into a empty room on the 9th floor. Not with a security guard who he walked away from using such words as "consult". I made my way back down to the ground floor. Surrendered my orange badge and went to the 1st floor gallery.

After touring it, I left and walked to the public library, The faces that have become all to familiar were there. Not all of them were black like in Atlanta. But a good many of them knew where the art department was. We sit there all day. WAITING on tomorrow and perhaps jobs.

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