Today we are at a crossroads, a place where we must decide if we are going to be a global society based on sharing, or if we will continue to pursue our own game, regardless of how it affects one another. No longer must we participate in the corrupt banking industry, or be ruled by the avarice of financiers. We must take control back from the %1 who exploits the %99. In this way as one human family we shall break the artificial constructs: corporations, the governments that serve them, and the disgusting greed that separates and divides us as a society.

     From the tar sands pipeline here in America, to the theft of bank deposits by working people in Cyprus, we must stop letting the interests of the wealthy abuse the rest of us.

“Man dominates man to his own injury”, as it says in the Bible. What I always believed that meant, was that self-centeredness and greed are not sustainable concepts. When one kid wants all the marbles for himself he destroys the fairness of the game for everyone else.  In other words the consumers are the real job creators, and when they spend money for goods and services, that’s when jobs are truly created. A few individuals hoarding vast stores of wealth will never stimulate the economy, but rather suffocates it to death.

     It is similar to draining the blood supply from your own body and putting it in bags at the blood bank, rather than allowing it to circulate nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. Eventually you will die.

     What the %1 does not realize is that they are actually doing great harm to themselves as well. Do the wealthy not also depend on clean air and water as well? As the middle class declines, those at the top become more vilified and in fear build higher fences for their gated golf estates. As this inevitably progresses, we slide into an ever more dystopic neo-feudal society where the privileged are isolated and ignorant of the very situation they created. But how protected can they be for very long from the effects of increasing warfare, a worsening climate, and pollution, caused by lust for profit and manufactured scarcity?

    Soon even they will not be able to hide from the symptoms of their own King Midas disease.  Recall even as everything he touched turned to gold, Midas was alarmed when he was unable to eat or drink, for his own food and beverage even were affected by the spell. The lesson is clear: For all things to become cash and turned into profit, you must kill them. 

    To simply say that the current system goes against the very basic laws of nature is a gross understatement. To undo the damage we have done and prevent further erosion, requires nothing less than a revolution of values on a global scale. We must reevaluate what we as a society hold dear. Is it accumulation of wealth and status on a personal level? Or is it the greatness and spiritual evolution of humanity as a whole?

      Concepts such as debt are artificial constructs to punish the middle class while rewarding the banksters. They are a method to keep man and communities enslaved to their masters, the banks and corporations. Ideas like free global health care, a sustainable environment and natural food, are a possibility for all. We have the technology, from solar and wind power, to power created by green algae. We have methods of farming that nurture the earth instead of degrading it, and ways to support co-ops that do not grow genetically modified crops.

   We must stop bailing out the banks and start instead bailing out the people. Austerity illustrates why capitalism doesn’t work, and reveals it to be a broken system. This is a dysfunctional economy with record unemployment, and home foreclosures. So what does congress do? They raise payroll taxes on the lower and middle incomes which only makes the problem worse.  We must travel in the opposite direction of austerity and follow some of the lessons of FDR, who managed to turn our economy around after the great depression. By the 1950’s we had the highest GDP (gross domestic product) than we ever had historically before.

      Top down hierarchies run by a few individuals on a board of shareholders in transnational corporations, are not working for the mass of people. They privatize profits and socialize costs whether it is through a worsened environment causing higher rates of cancer, or families having to go into lifelong debt to put children through college.  Or in the case of farming giant Monsanto, corporatists lobby through legislation to keep labeling off genetically modified foods. So in essence we don’t have the right to know what we are putting in our bodies.

       Time and time again it is proven than privatized banking doesn’t work and needs to change.  Zeitgeist means “spirit of the age”, and is a powerful movement ushering in an entirely new school of thought. Perhaps even a modern neo-renaissance that requires questioning of all the institutions that have failed us: the EU, the IMF, Congress, Corporations, Banks, religious institutions that do not follow their own scriptures but instead stand behind the greed and corruption, the FCC, the NYPD and their breed of militaristic brutality against citizens they are supposed to serve and protect, the illuminati.  

     The list goes on and on but one thing is clear: We are one human family and united we stand, but divided we fall.  So as we move from competition to sharing, let us do so not just to save each other, but ourselves and our planet as well.


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