In Georgia they may have executed an innocent man.  From Democracynow.org,

 “Davis was sentenced to death for the murder of off-duty Savannah police officer Mark MacPhail in 1989. Seven of the nine nonpolice witnesses later recanted or changed their testimony, some alleging police intimidation for their original false statements. One who did not recant was the man who many have named as the actual killer. No physical evidence linked Davis to the shooting.” 

How disturbing that even in light of no DNA or real physical evidence that the Supreme Court even against the advice of Amnesty international put this man to death. We have audiences cheering executions at GOP debates and cheering for innocent coma patients to be unplugged just because they don’t have health insurance “yeah let ‘em die!” shouted one teabagger enthusiastically. It would seem the party of right to life has become the party of death.  It is almost as if they found a way to desublimate and make lynching of a black man perfectly acceptable. Of course we all know how the great state of Georgia feels about lynchings.  They love them and write them into modern day law. As Troy Davis’ sister said in an interview to Democracy Now!


Well, you know, on the last days, when we had time visiting with Troy, Troy said that this evil practice of killing the poor and people of color and intimidating and using, you know, bad practice in the judicial system, he said it didn’t start with him, and it won’t end with him, even if he’s executed, but the work must go on, and that all they can do is take his physical presence, because his faith in God is protecting him. And he said that if he has to give his life for the cause, then that’s God’s will, but it’s going to open doors for people, and it’s going to knock down barriers that we couldn’t get knocked down before. And if that is God’s will, then he’s willing to be that sacrifice to make change, so that other young people don’t have to go through this. So Troy was not afraid. And we’re not afraid. And, you know, Troy has walked free from those prison cells. He’s no longer on death row. He’s no longer, you know, being put back and forth on a gurney to be killed and executed. And, you know, I’m just glad that my mother was not alive to witness this fourth execution attempt and follow-through.”


Allen Ault, the former commissioner of the Georgia Department of Corrections, who recently wrote piece for Newsweek called "I Ordered Death in Georgia." He writes, quote, "Having witnessed executions firsthand, I have no doubts: capital punishment is a very scripted and rehearsed murder. It’s the most premeditated murder possible. [...]

"I will always live with these images—with 'nagging doubt,' even though I do not believe that any of the executions carried out under my watch were mistaken. I hope [that], in the future, men and women will not die for their crimes, and other men and women will not have to kill them. The United States should be like every other civilized country in the Western world and abolish the death penalty."

Those were the words of the former commissioner of the Georgia Department of Corrections, Allen Ault. He called for clemency, talking about the level of doubt in Troy Davis’s case.

When we do not realize that we are ALL Bradley Manning, we are ALL Julian Assange, We are all Troy Davis, we are every child hungry in Somalia, every citizen gunned down in Syria, every kid bullied to death in public school and on facebook, we constantly divide ourselves from one another. What are we really divided by? Greed, wish for personal power, ego, the wish to control and exploit others, those are the things and the kinds of people who DIVIDE us. As long as we choose to associate with those who are on the dark side and do not seek the light we allow ourselves to be consumed and to be controlled and exploited for the personal gains of others.  It is up to us to fight for justice just like they are doing this very minute as they protest on Wall Street against the banksters, CEO’s, and stock brokers who have robbed us of the American dream. It is up to us do this and because of Faux News, Murdoch and company the revolution will not be televised but it may spread like a contagion across the internet.

Anonymous revealed the identity of the police officer macing innocent protestors on Wall Street and he will be punished. The witches, demons and manufacturers of greed and avarice will be eventually be dragged out into the light and spat upon. The people will prevail.

We are all Troy Davis…..boycott Georgia…


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