How to Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day Without Alcohol


It's time to scour your closet for anything green, because on March 17th we will celebrate one of the most unique holidays of the year! Despite popular belief, St. Patrick's Day did not originate in order to celebrate copious amounts of alcohol and myths of leprechauns. Although these things are typically included in the festivities around most of the world, the history of this holiday has a deeper meaning. It was created as a celebration of the life of St. Patrick himself, known for his work in improving the infrastructure of Ireland, and converting several people to Christianity by using the three leaf clover to explain the trinity.

As the years passed, the holiday was adopted internationally and has been altered to showcase Irish traditions and culture. Nowadays the holiday is filled with conversations of pots of gold and a wide range of events that include live music and interesting foods. So while some choose to skip out to the pubs, there are actually a variety of other ways to celebrate St. Paddy's Day without alcohol.

Enjoy Traditional Irish Foods

Just how hungry are you to celebrate this Irish holiday? If you are brave enough to try some authentic Irish food, help yourself to some corn beef and cabbage or fish and chips. Some restaurants might serve these meals as a nod to the holiday and country of Ireland. For those that would love to go all out in their celebrations, there is another particularly unique Irish food item that hopefully won't make you turn green: Black and White Pudding. This food sounds harmless, but it is not the typical kind of "pudding" that Americans are used to. These are small, round patties that are sausages with the blood cooked in. This item is typically served as part of a traditional Irish breakfast, and enjoying this delicacy will give you a serious taste of Irish culture.


Go to a St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Many major cities across the United States, provide quality festivals and parades in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Performers and float sponsors are dressed in festive garb, as a sea of green onlookers crowd the streets to see traditional dancing and music.  


Throw A St. Patrick’s Day Party

Grab every green snack you can think of, white and green streamers, balloons, and lots of green food coloring, then throw your very own St. Patrick’s Day party. Encourage your guests to wear green and bring their favorite green colored snack. Items like green punch, green cupcakes, and green cookies are sure to be a hit!


Family Irish Trivia Night

How much do you know about Irish culture and history? On St. Patrick’s Day, challenge your family to an Irish Trivia night. Grab golden wrapped chocolate coins from the store and divide into teams. Give all teams 10 minutes to Google everything they can about Ireland, and then write down questions in order to quiz each other. At the end, the team with the lowest score has to give their opponents the “pot of golden coins.”


Learn Irish Phrases

Do you know what a “jumper” is? Have you ever seen a “jaunting car?” A “boot,” in Ireland doesn’t just mean a type of shoe. Look up fun Irish phrases and try out your best Irish accent.


St. Patrick’s Day is filled with all of the magic and wonder of the Irish culture, and not drinking games. If you do decide to drink, however, do so responsibly and have a driver who is prepared to take you home. For those who choose to take in all of the other fun traditions and pieces of Irish culture, have a “wee bit of fun,” while celebrating the day without alcohol.


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