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Hey all, I would like to share what I think, but you may not like it, feel free to respond! I am just worried about the world my children will inherit someday and the obvious prevarications I witness on the mainstream media are starting to really get under my skin. These are political theories and thoughts based on lots of breastfeeding and tedious research. Oh why can't I just watch soap operas and spend time on piniterest and facebook like other stay at home moms?
America stopped being a free market..or even a capitalist market..when the governments pushed the bank 'losses' onto the taxpayers.
Definition of so-called American Exceptionalism: “America is the only nation in history which miraculously has gone directly from barbarism to decadence without the usual interval of civilization” (Georges Clemenceau)\.
Also, let's not forget that Joe Biden 's son is now on the board of directors for the gas pipelines in Ukraine. How convenient.The usa is run by a bunch of thieves and murderers. Why doesn't the unelected government of Ukraine not have a referendum to see how legitimate they are? This time include Eastern Ukraine in the vote!! But that might reveal the truth.
The reason for Ukraine is obvious. In 2008 the banks in US failed. Trillions were printed. The shale reserves that were supposed to be a last resort for the future were seen as a way to help out of the economic mess. The fracking started full swing and the US in short time passed Saudi for the first time since the 70's in production. The US has to have a market to sell it to for it to work. Hence the Ukraine crisis paving the way to take the European energy market from Russia. It's not that complicated really via a timeline. That shale was supposed to be their future reserves.
And in another way of looking at it...
To Marie Harf the US is the indispensable nation with a divine destiny. The real loser after WWII was not Germany, it was the EU, specially after after Charles de Gaulle, so the EU created NATO to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down. It was to be a counterbalance against the USSR and Warsaw Pact which don't exist any longer, to justify the US occupation of the EU. Now the US is using NATO (our countries). a Freudian slip made by John Kerry as the world police to invade and occupy (plunder?) other countries.
And How to make this possible? With the friendly smiling face of Obama of course! "Who Bomb, We bomb them!" Allen Ginsberg
Diktat Obomber can "get away" with things Shrub could never achieve. All because he is a black "liberal" Democrat. That's why the bankers bankrolled his campaign; they knew they could deceive a ignorant, mindless, propagandized public with talk of Martin Luther King, Jr. and use him to steal as much as they wanted. Unlike Shrub who was condemned universally by the American public when he attempted the same things Obomber is now. There's more than one way to skin a cat, is their philosophy. Anyway might as well fool me three times, I'm an American.
So in essence, the US plans to attack every country "it believes" ISIS to be. And the world is ok with this? This is insane!!!!!!!!!!
Those videos are propaganda pieces, Iraqi groups run away without a fight, ISis not in hiding; but clearly seen in Humvies and white Toyotas? There must be some hidden plans behind these, and now those plans are revealed, GO IN SYRIA. !
Of course he has the authority to do this - he asked the Rothschilds.
US currently is a military dictatorship, so technically Obama is right he does not need any more approval. Partially, the problem is that neither US people nor US's adversaries understand this. US Federal Government under US Constitution has very little power. It all changes when US is in State of War or State of Emergency(same thing, really). And US was in State of Emergency from Second World War. The reason was the Cold War, but when the Cold War officially ended, this created the problem because, in theory, the US Federal Government should have dismantled most of federal agencies, and US President should become nothing more than representative figure in relations with abroad (zero powers at home). To prevent that from happening the US invented "extraordinary threat from War on Drugs", and religiously, like clockwork expanded State of Emergency every year on that basis. After that, came "War on Terror" - and on this basis the US gives its federal government supposed authorization to strike anywhere (never mind US engineered all these threats itself).
AS you can tell I am not a patriotic person, but as a Native American; why should I be anyway!
I wonder what Obama and Cameron would say, if Putin announces that he does'nt need permission to bomb suspected ISIS terrorists in the US or London. Of course, but nevertheless, it's good to let them know, that their political stance as imperial controllers of the world and their outdated colonialist view of the world won't be approved by many people in the world, and Putin who was personally threatened by ISIS a few days ago, could by the same token, and using Cameron's and Obama's rationale , announce tonight, in front of the Russian people that he too have the permission to bomb ISIS wherever this paid - for band of Western provocateurs exist. It's only logical.
911 was a sad loss of life; a tragedy. But what about the hundreds of thousands of innocents murdered by the US? I think 911 pales in comparison. What voice will speak for those innocent people, or is American life valued above the lives of others?
“Wherever they exist.” So sovereignty is history? Unless it suits the US foreign policy? So sovereignty applies to Ukraine, but not to Syria, Pakistan? It becomes a complex world doesn't it?
Sovereignty only applies to whomever Obama says it can apply to. Here are the requirements for sovereignty: - kiss US boots - install some US bases on your soil - take a couple of loans from the IMF and allow American corporations to rob your resources and enslave your people, Austerity for everyone! YAY!!
So sorry If I am very cynical about the world today. May God deliver us as he promised from the clutches of this satanic free masonic cabal running the world. Their only true God is money, and the real God(YHWH) will make them pay for it some day. I live for that. I really do.
In the meantime I will try to pray that things stay somewhat bearable for my children and that maybe even that they eventually get better.
Let us pray

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