Ideology identity

Perverting the empathy revolution

This construct is not organic, it is contrived

Rather than the Fibonacci sequence

We instead have non-sense

Like forced adoption in the UK

Barbaric Social engineering

Imploding the nuclear family

Brave New World Style

Until “mother” becomes and dirty word

And “father” even fouler

Heartless faceless bureaucrats steal the infants

Of the working class and hand them off

To Godless Yuppie Scum.

So begins their meteoric re-education in secular De-Values

Seek the self above all they are taught

Create an “identity” for yourself and make that more important than anything.

Then begins the sophomoric period in retail therapy and conspicuous consumption

Then in adulthood lightly brainwash in the cerebral babble of Ted Talks

And make lengthy thought out bucket lists to document their two-dimensional finite existences.

Because they are taught that “this”, that “materialism” is all there is.

Neo-liberalism of the Zero-theorem; that 0% must = 100%

“Everything comes from nothing!” they insist.

When proven illogical Richard Dawkins will have a red faced toddler fit, then give a Ted Talk

Where he blows his brains out. 

Evil has turned biology into politics

Brimming with putrid anti-natal sentiment, a misanthropic self-hatred

Seeps from every conceivable form of subliminal propaganda

The illuminati eye winks at us from the back of all our money

Mocking us to believe any differently

Why do they insist on a reality that isn’t Real?

A truth that isn’t True?

An existence that lacks Being?

A power without a Source?

And so I must insist that at this moment these words

Are Divinely Inspired….at this very moment I feel plugged in to Something

For me there is no Zero Theorem

%100 = %100

Alpha and Omega; What Falls Away is Always

And in the beginning YHWH said “Let there be light”

And now I see that it was indeed, Good.






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