America’s Slow Slide Into Corporate-Military Dictatorship

America’s Slow Slide Into Corporate-Military Dictatorship

   Perhaps this is a dystopian idea of our future but I have to get it out there nonetheless . Since the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows for the indefinite detention of American Citizens,  I am seeing dark forces that fear becoming irrelevant by trying to fight the inevitable progress of enlightenment. This act which Pulitzer prize winning journalist Chris Hedges is suing the Obama administration over effectively destroys the bills of rights and eviscerates the constitution as we know it.  Any American can simply be accused of colluding with terrorists with or without sufficient evidence and held indefinitely without trial. I have been asking myself since this began, if so many government agencies were against  the act, including even the FBI, why was it rammed through anyway?

Here is a telling quote from Chris Hedges on Democracy Now

AMY GOODMAN: Chris, why are you suing President Obama?

CHRIS HEDGES: Because it’s clearly unconstitutional, for starters. But secondly, it is a huge and egregious assault against our democracy. It overturns over 200 years of law, which has kept the military out of domestic policing. And even that passage that you read from the White House, I think, is deeply disingenuous, because Dianne Feinstein had a resolution by which, within that bill, Americans would be exempted from this, and the Democratic Party and Barack Obama rejected it. All of the debate with Carl Levin, who, with McCain, sponsored the bill, was a struggle between the White House so that they would assume—they would have the right to assume which Americans would be detained by the military without due process and held indefinitely until the end of hostilities, this kind of endless war on terror. It’s an extremely frightening step backwards for American democracy. And as someone who’s spent 20 years overseas and has lived in countries where the military has that kind of power, I have friends who have disappeared into these military gulags. We have unleashed something that I think is truly terrifying.

And as discontent grows, of course, the criteria by which people can be investigated in this country are so amorphous, even bizarre—I mean, somebody who is missing fingers on a hand or somebody who has more than seven days’ worth of food. It’s a very seamless step to include in that list some of the obstructionist tactics of the Occupy movement. And I think that for those of us who care about civil liberties, the right of dissent and freedom, we have to stand up. And that’s why Carl and I have decided to do this.

Then Chris said something that truly freaked me out and inspired a gnawing fear at the pit of my subconscious being. It struck me as a truth I never wanted to know and once I knew it I could never go back to not knowing. Never again would I return to the innocence of childhood ignorance. Always in my mind the devil would be in the dirty details, and I see him coming wearing the robe of an evangelical Christian, as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


CHRIS HEDGES: President Obama said he was going to veto it, but we now know from leaks out of Levin’s office that that’s because the executive branch wanted to decide. They wanted the power to decide who would be tried, who would be granted exemptions. It wasn’t actually about the assault against due process.

And I think we have to ask, if the security establishment did not want this bill, and the FBI Director Mueller actually goes to Congress and says publicly they don’t want it, why did it pass? What pushed it through? And I think, without question, the corporate elites understand that many things, certainly economically, are about to get much worse. I think they’re worried about the Occupy movement expanding. And I think that, in the end—and this is a supposition—they don’t trust the police to protect them, and they want to be able to call in the Army. And if this bill goes into law, and it’s slated to go into law in March, they will be able to do that.

And with that all I have to say is minute men man your posts, because the day of reckoning is coming. The day is coming when any of us could be labeled terrorists and made to disappear to our own secret Guantanamo, for demanding economic equality for demanding basic rights. These dinosaurs know they are becoming irrelevant, so what do they do? They try to shut down the internet; they try to stifle to dissent. They try to make us accept oppression as the way things they are, but it’s not going to work anymore. The jig is officially up.


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