Thank you to all the die hard art patrons who navigated all the closed streets and full parking lots to attend this month's 3rth Thursday gallery hop. There were many great art events to attend including the show I put together at Galley at Avalon Island. It is one of the best shows we have held since I took over managing the gallery nearly 2 1/2 years ago, and includes local legend Johann Eyfells and painter Amjad Jamal, not to mention some artwork by artist Robin Van Arsdol that most people have never seen. It is his process art from the early 1970's and is on display in our cafe. If you didn't make it out to our opening, please stop by the gallery at 39 S. Magnolia sometime in the next month. We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 4 PM.

As anyone who is involved in the downtown art scene knows, the galleries, bars and restaurants rely on the 3rd Thursday Art Hop for much of our business. For galleries like mine, it is often the only opportunity we have to sell artwork. We don't enjoy much walk-in traffic the rest of the month.

After the poor turnout at this month's event, I am wondering if anyone in the city stopped to think that hosting a 5K run at the same time we are hosting our art openings might have a negative impact on attendance. Closing streets and filling up all available parking with runners is not conducive to attracting the art going public to our area. Those of you who did manage to make it out let me know how difficult it was for you to get here, how long it took, sitting in traffic and then looking for someplace to park, once you did make it downtown. Thank you again, for your dedication and extra effort.

In a contest between 3rd Thursday and the 5K Run, the Art Hop lost badly. My gallery attendance was 1/4 the amount I normally get. I can only hope that the powers-that-be pay more attention in the future and schedule events like the 5K on any other day or time.

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