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House Wives are Not Losers, They are Heroes.

I live in a role of housewives where other “career” women treat us like losers. Never mind the fact that it took a female aka a mother to give up their body to get them there. Homemakers are treated as a “LOSER” class to do so. I just experienced this with my 18 yr old daughter who just graduated high school. I finally confronted the ex-mother-in-law who abused me for nearly ten years. Instead of celebrating that my daughter graduated Magna C** Laude, whom I homeschooled for five years, she…


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I have a Minds Channel

check it's mostly going to be poetry and art, I'm sick of politics...especially identity politics, I hate that stuff the most.

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Donna was her name

By, Sandra Monday

At 16 with child

By my father, David just back

From Vietnam only 22 himself

In 1970’s I remember singing We are the Champions

To the radio in the car

Her dulcet voice as she tucked

Me into my crib

Her blonde hair luminescent one eye blue

One eye green winking mischievously

And her beef stroganoff with too much sourcream

As a child I hated it

But now I love it using the same…


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Holy Pas De Duex : My New Series

As you may have noticed, I have begun a new series of paintings dedicated to divine pairs of male and female dancers. The reasoning for this, I found that through love all things are possible, and to me since God is Love, I believe His love brought all being into existence, that life itself is a romantic divine dance. The reason for the pas de deux? Well for me the male female counterparts represent procreation bringing life into being.  It is based on my own personal experience of…


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Why The Dakota Access Pipeline Will Prove to be Trump’s Achilles's Heel --I had a Prophetic Dream

By, Sandra Monday

Let me make one thing abundantly clear about myself; politically I am a duck billed platypus. I am Christian, Native American, and interestingly conservative on some issues and liberal on others. When I had to vote for president I could not vote for the lesser of two evils; I voted my conscious which was Jill Stein. I always thought I was progressive but when the left got so caught up in PC and virtue signaling other people’s thoughts and language, I retreated to my…


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By, Sandra Monday


You can never go home

Is what they say

When you try to

It’s like the Mendela effect has everything erased

No Happ’s cafe just an empty green space

Condemned wood slated rusted tin roof roach ridden child hood home

Where stands empty the windows cavernous sockets.

Rubble and weeds remain silent where Pic n Save burned to the ground

Motorcycles Rev through the streets with a sound full of…


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In The Garden

In the Garden

By, Sandra Monday

2016 August


I sit here in the gathering hush,

Of my son’s nap and the clatter,

Of Bella as she plays…


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Cross Over Hit: Mother AND Artist

 I haven't had a blog post in a long long while, but finally felt now was the moment. I have been growing close to God recently and realized at this time it is still difficult to forgive old enemies. Thankfully I have now reached the point I actually have compassion for them, I mean reaching your 50's without any children? I can't imagine what's that's like. But then again I have read some of my older diary posts, of gaining weight, getting hit by a car pregnant, living hand to mouth, and…


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Ideology identity

Perverting the empathy revolution

This construct is not organic, it is contrived

Rather than the Fibonacci sequence

We instead have non-sense

Like forced adoption in the UK

Barbaric Social engineering

Imploding the nuclear family

Brave New World Style

Until “mother” becomes and dirty word

And “father” even fouler

Heartless faceless bureaucrats steal the infants

Of the working class and hand…


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The Native American Perception of Winter Park, Fl

Isolation is like a beauty treatment, paring you down to you base elements.

It is a sense deprivation tank where you are forced to look inward, until the realization comes that all the voices you’ve been hearing are your own. Declarations that you’re not worthy or intelligent and you fancy over why you punish yourself.

The babbling children sense your discontent and look up with bright blue questioning eyes. The digital scale says you’ve dropped 40lbs. This should please you,…


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Dreams aren't for Losers, but Grandiosity is for Loser Narcissists

Dreams know what my dreams are/ were? To marry someone who is my best friend; accomplished. Have at least 3 children; done, even at my old age. Have a Bachelor's degree and marry someone else with at least a Bachelor degree, who is now getting his Masters; check. And the big one when I was stuck in union park for nine years, to actually own a house in Winter Park. Being a Winter Park resident has been a huge boon for my family and children's…


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Home of the Slave, Land of the Fee. My own Tidbits of ranting!

Hey all, I would like to share what I think, but you may not like it, feel free to respond! I am just worried about the world my children will inherit someday and the obvious prevarications I witness on the mainstream media are starting to really get under my skin. These are political theories and thoughts based on lots of breastfeeding and tedious research. Oh why can't I just watch soap operas and spend time on piniterest and facebook like other stay at home…

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Nihilism on a Lovely Morning

As I sit in bucolic retrograde

Like the Rolling Stones

“I watch the children play as tears go by”

In beauty and truth

Contemplating a world ruled by lies

Perpetrated by the elite

Prison industrial complex

Making us all willing slaves in their dystopic Hunger Games

My sweet headed baby boy eyes a colorful plastic toy Made in China

Later I watch RT news from Russia with love my Siberian sisters over the Bearing…


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The War on Motherhood in America

America; the only industrialized nation to not have federally mandated maternity leave, while having one the world’s highest infant mortality rate. Welcome to the war on motherhood; to unfriendly workplaces unaccommodating to women’s unique reproductive needs and blind to the age structure that makes each generation interdependent.  With a…


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Musings of a former Political Punk Rock Performer..the second cold war sucks even more than the first one

Cold War 2.0 Sucks!

“The Nazis are coming! The Nazis are coming!” The Sound of Music

Welcome folks to the ludicrous comedy known as Cold War 2.0 , and as usual the remake is even crappier than the original. My old political punk band The June Cleavers had a song about that.…


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Narcissistic Culture and the Empathy Gap


As capitalism implodes and cannibalizes on itself from greedy bond holders (who themselves avoided paying the proper amount of taxes), you have to ask yourself; what the hell is wrong with our society?

What do we, as a people, value? The problem is we as a society doesn’t value “we” at all, we only value “me”. We are…


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Join the Zeitgeist Movement!

        Today we are at a crossroads, a place where we must decide if we are going to be a global society based on sharing, or if we will continue to pursue our own game, regardless of how it affects one another. No longer must we participate in the corrupt banking industry, or be ruled by the avarice of financiers. We must take control back from the %1 who exploits the %99. In this way as one human family we shall break the artificial constructs: corporations, the governments that serve…


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A Portrait in Words

By, Sandra Monday

Your shoulders are striking;

Pastel slender ensconced in deep red velvet.…


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Wife and Mother an Occupation

Imagine being a man and having a woman. Now imagine that woman gives birth to your children and nurses your DNA. Imagine she rubs your feet and cooks your meals. You don't have alot of money so she buys her clothes at the thrift store so she can afford new ones for you and the kids. Imagine she mows your lawn even and takes out the garbage. She goes without things like expensive makeup and vacations so you can have better…


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America’s Slow Slide Into Corporate-Military Dictatorship

America’s Slow Slide Into Corporate-Military Dictatorship

   Perhaps this is a dystopian idea of our future but I have to get it out there nonetheless . Since the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows for the indefinite detention of American Citizens,  I am seeing dark forces that fear becoming irrelevant by trying to fight the inevitable progress of enlightenment. This act which…


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