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First Floor Galleries

{CityArts Factory's community gallery is made possible by Ford Kiene and Jennifer Quigley}

  • Barnie's Coffee Kitchen Gallery - Steven Mikel
  • "O" Gallery: Rhonda Richley, Nestor Charneco, Donna Dowless, Roberto Gonzalez, Pam Louden, Bernie Martin, Jaime Parra, Doug Powell, Dlynn Roll & Vickie Wilson

  • Kiene/Quigley Gallery: Orange County Art Educators’ exhibit "Iconography" features art inspired by childhood stories.

  • Orlando Magic Gallery: "Slice of Life" is the Orlando Art Collective’s third annual show at CityArts Factory.  This year’s exhibit showcases the creative diversity of the Collective’s members.

  • Redefine Gallery:  "Peace Out" by Peter Van Flores is a collection of the artist's favorite pieces inspired by street art, graffiti, and an industrial cityscape.

  • Gallery 29:  "Jim Leatherman's Greatest Hits" is a collection of rock photography spanning over 30 years.  Leatherman’s work has been published in magazines, newspapers, and album covers but he most enjoys seeing it on a beat-up band flyer stapled to a telephone pole.

  • Star Gallery: “The Art of Maegih Ott” is an exhibit by European artist Magih Ott whose work is featured in various venues in Switzerland and Germany.

  • Young Artists Gallery: 

    Exploring soft pastels with Young Artists Mentor Robin Maria Pedrero.


Park at the Plaza parking garage and stop by CityArts Factory’s reception desk and validate your parking at a flat rate of $4 -- for additional information visit

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