10 Steps To Becoming A Corporate Sponsor

1) Your company will select the Downtown Arts District sponsorship level that meets your goals and capabilities.

2) Visionaries, Benefactors, and Contributors: Select one Signature Series to align with. Fundraising Advocates: Articulate the cause-marketing promotion you will develop to raise funds for the organization. Receive approval on such plans.

3) Your company can choose any optional enhancements to increase the value of the sponsorship, such as additional promotional programs, special events, etc.

4) The Downtown Arts District and sponsor will discuss the measurable goal of the alliance and work together to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Together, you will craft a plan to activate your sponsorship and integrate it into your business strategy.

5) The Downtown Arts District and sponsor work together to construct a performance overview, articulating the contract points and goals of the alliance.

6) Both parties receive internal approvals for the proposed alliance. The Downtown Arts District’s legal team drafts the alliance contract for review by the parties.

7) The Downtown Arts District and sponsor develop a launch communications plan and timeline for rolling out and implementing the alliance through both parties’ channels.

8) Both parties sign the contract and the sponsor forwards payment to the Downtown Arts District.

9) The Alliance is launched to the Downtown Arts District and corporation’s employees according to a mutually agreed upon activation plan. The organization and sponsoring company then implement the alliance and develop it according to the contract and activation plan.

10) The Downtown Arts District and sponsoring company annually review the alliance goals and share feedback. Together, they make improvements and adjustments.

Additional information is available via email barbara@dadorlando.com.



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