A local production company is filming a TV during the last week of April.  The artwork will be displayed on a set and we would be giving the artist recognition and involvement in the credits as well.  If you are interested please contact stephanie@clpictures.com for more info.

Thank you!

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I would love the opportunity to be a part of this project. My work is flexible and interchangeable, as I paint digitally. Also some photography.


Inspiration is everywhere,


P. Dale Henson


I'm interested!


My abstracts can be viewed here: http://tracy.artsmart-online.com/inventory.php?a=1


and some of my portraits here: http://tracy.artsmart-online.com/inventory.php


I paint from home full time and have a flexible schedule-- please feel free to contact me at tracy@artsmart-online.com if you feel me work is what you's looking for.


Thanks- Tracy




Would balloon artwork be acceptable?

sounds good...

I'm interested.


I just sent you an email with some images of my work.


I sent you an e-mail, but it bounced back.


Kevin Boldenow


For sure!
Gail Peck
Heey, that sounds awesome.  E-mail sent~

I have some new color on aluminum and stainless steel pieces I can lend, It will be an honor to participate.

visit.   www.artbymarcos.com


Thank you Stephanie, I was so pleased to have been able to provide 3 pieces for your set. It was a pleasure to deal with you and the producer, (your hubby).


Please keep me in mind for future projects, remember the flexibility my work provides.


Kind regards and many blessings to your future endeavors.


P. Dale Henson ( www.PDaleART.com )




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