We are looking for innovative functional art to sell in our museum store!

Please contact me at 407-539-2181 ext 253 if you are interested.

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Please let me know if my work is of interest. It's customizable and the colorways are interchangeable, it's digital abstracts.

I use paint, brushes, airbrush, spatula, canvas, paper, foil, there isn't much that I cannot create.


My work needs to be out there and I have sold 3 pcs already. I look forward to your call.


Most kindly,

Ms. P. Dale Henson

I would love to have my work shown in the Museum Store.  I will call you, I do have some pics on-line with Downtown Arts District however they have not been updated since my main computer died. 


Barbara Young


Hi, Heather C.! I will call you on Monday to discuss this.

In the mean time, check out the photos I have here on my SLICE page--don't worry, there are not too many pictures that you'll have to sort through. I think the tiny ceramic boxes would be perfect for your museum store. The boxes as a collective whole are titled "Compartmentalization" but they are meant to be sold individually. Looking forward to this possible opportunity! 

~Heather Flowers


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