Good evening fellow artists, I just wanted to start a discussion and share my experience with the Winter Springs art show this past weekend (oct 16th & 17th 2010). If any other artists on here displayed here this weekend please share your thoughts so we all can benefit :-)

First time for me doing this show, I had No to LOW expectations given the area and newness (only the 3rd show). I did average, however I did exceed what I was expecting. I sold mainly reproductions and canvas giclees, although I did sell an original. There was a steady flow of traffic, but most people seemed to be there for something fun to do.  I had more sales saturday, and sunday didn't sell until later in the day. I have one jewler friend who didn't do so well. He sold one piece. The surrounding artists stated they had no sales and wouldn't be back.

The positives were the show promoters, chamber of commerce was excellent. Artist hospitality was second to none. They had breakfast both days, hot lunches both days, and a nice dinner, award ceremony on saturday evening. Set up was a breeze. Everyone was nice..they handed out all waters. Booth fee was only $195 and you had ample space on both sides of you. Corner booth was only $25 so I added that. It was well worth it, and definitely a show I will apply for again in the future. I guess if I had one really important thing to say to everyone who would considering this show in the future, is to bring pieces under $500...and even under $100.

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I knew I should have stopped by. At least I would have seen you guys.
Solid information -- thanks so much for this service!
I didn't know if walking around was something you could do right now :-( we'll catch up G :-)


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